Technology changes but our commitment to service never does !


Over thirty years of computer experience means we know servers and are skilled at assessing our clients’ needs.

From the two workstation, single server law office to multi-server environments, we know how to keep a network running.  But it is often the small details that can make the network environment easy or hard to use and we work with our clients to tailor their work systems to better fit their individual needs.

Layered Network Support

Remote Proactive Maintenance

On-site Hardware & Software Support

Upgrade and Integration Consultation

Layered Network Support
Because no single product or service is enough we recommend a layered approach to network stability.

  • Solid firewall appliance at the perimeter
  • External spam / spyware filter for your email
  • Appropriate power backups on all mission critical computers
  • Good redundant backup plan as a starting point

Remote Proactive Maintenance
The best solution to a problem is to address the issue before it becomes a crisis and that is why we use remote proactive maintenance for our clients.  We can remotely monitor your system on a regular schedule to identify potential issues before they become looming problems. Many issues can be addressed via off-site remote access to a network, and where that is possible and advisable, we work with our clients to develop the best methods for doing remote support.

On-site Hardware & Software Support
Remote support can be a cost-effective way to provide IT support, but it is important for our clients to know not all problems can be solved via a remote system. Nothing replaces face-to-face contact for really getting to know your business and its associated needs.  IT support is and shall remain a hands-on business and our clients appreciate that Seattle Micro has decades of on-site hardware and software support for a wide range of technical needs.

Upgrade and Integration Consultation
The life of your business and your network is not static.  We understand that technology changes, as do the needs of the work force.  Change need not be a problem; it should be a solution and Seattle Micro welcomes the opportunity to consult with our clients on upgrades to existing systems or the creation of new systems.

We understand that one size seldom fits all when it comes to network integration.  That is why we work closely with our clients to determine the best fit for their business.  It is our commitment to face time that prevents down time.

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